Hey, my name’s Ricardo Sanchez. I’m a young aspiring artist in Seattle, Washington. I’m currently a high school student and hope to attend The New School in a couple of years to study design.

I started this website to host my portfolio and to act as my creative space.

Some background info about me… I am very passionate about design and film making and have been since I was 8 years old. Back then, I carried a journal around and would sketch fancy cars or anything else I thought was cool. Over the years, I’ve created many YouTube channels (most of which I am not entirely proud of) with content varying from Lego tutorials to short films. Each and every day I find myself being inspired by music and films.

I attended the New York Film Academy summer camp back in 2016. Also in 2016, I created an award-winning short film, “Iceland.” I’ve done a lot of freelance videography work, graphic design work, and recently web design work. I was an assistant editor intern at Lenz Skerritt Media. Most recently, I started my own clothing brand, 2002 (2002brand.com).

Although I feel as if I am still discovering my style of creative content, it has been very exciting realizing my innate desire to create. I hope you like what you see on this website.